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DNA Testing Companies

      Be sure to research each company to find which DNA testing company best suits what you want to find. Would you rather your DNA be taken with a cheek swab or would you rather spit into a tube? Does the company have a large sample size (other people taking the test)? Does it have samples from the country in which you’re interested? Do you want a company that includes family trees and/or ethnicity matches?

Note the prices listed are from April, 2021. Prices do not include shipping costs and applicable taxes. Watch for sales.

23 and Me logo
23andMe (23andme.com) offers autosomal DNA matches as well as optional genetic testing for health traits. Customers use their test results to explore ethnic heritage, search for biological relatives, and expand their family tree.
Basic ($99) is “Ancestry and Traits” – geographic regions, automatic family tree builder, trait reports and DNA relative finder.
Essential ($199) is “Health and Ancestry Service.” This includes everything in Basic as well as health reports, health predisposition reports and more.
Premium ($199) is “23andMe + Membership.” This includes everything in Essential and adds more health reports as well as membership.
   Raw data from 23andMe can be transferred for free to Family Tree DNA, Living DNA and MyHeritageDNA.

Ancestry.com logo
Ancestry DNA (dna.ancestry.com) offers only autosomal testing – parents, siblings, cousins, etc. It shows an Ethnicity Estimate, migratory communities, and DNA Matches. It has a very large database. Combination of your DNA results with your family tree on Ancestry can open a lot of doors.
   The current cost is $99. Be aware the DNA test costs of Ancestry are separate from the genealogical ancestry.com site.
   Ancestry Raw DNA data can be uploaded with no cost to Family Tree DNA, GED Match, Living DNA, and MyHeritageDNA, These companies will offer other opportunities at their sites.

Family Tree
                        DNA logo
FamilyTreeDNA (familytreedna.com) is specializes in tracing maternal and paternal haplogroups and is the only company that offers Y-DNA tests and mtDNA tests as well as an autosomal (atDNA) tests.
   FamilyTreeDNA accepts autosomal DNA data for free from 23andMe, AncestryDNA and MyHeritageDNA. However, there is a $19 fee to unlock all the features at Family Finder for uploaded raw DNA from other companies. This lets you receive a list of autosomal matches from their database and have access to their Family Finder. These features include Matches, myOrigins, Matrix, Data Download, Chromosome Browser, ancientOrigins, and Advanced Matches.
   FTDNA allows you to search its database for family members for free with a DNA upload. This site also offers a Y-DNA (paternal) test for $99 and a mtDNA (maternal line) test for $139. The Family Finder atDNA (autosomal) cost is $79.

Living DNA logo
LivingDNA (livingdna.com) is good site to search for free family matches especially in African Ancestry, European Ancestry, British Ancestry, and Irish Ancestry. It identifies Recent ancestry, Sub-regional ancestry, Your DNA today, extended ancestry, DNA matching and Free ancestry updates. Additionally, it has helpful historical context,
   LivingDNA accepts uploads from 23andMe, Ancestry and MyHeritage for free. This site includes continental ancestry regions and DNA matching (family networks).
   The Your ancestry Kit cost is $99, the Wellbeing Kit is $129, and the Wellbeing and ancestry Kit is $179.

My Heritage
MyHeritage DNA (myheritagedna.com) is great for people with European heritage. It will reveal your unique ethnic background from 2100+ regions and match you with your relatives. It is well known for helping people around the world to reconnect with biological relatives.
   The cost is $79. Be aware the DNA testing cost is separate from the genealogical research available at myheritage.com. Some of the site requires a subscription or modest fee to unlock additional DNA tools, but there is a lot you can get for free.
   My Heritage accepts uploads from 23andMe. Ancestry, and FamilyTreeDNA for free for family matching.

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