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Family names being investigated by our members and the ethnicity of their tree members.  They also listed areas of strength that they may be able to use to assist you.

Beth Jacobson
      Surnames - Gilman, Wicklund
      Ethnicities - German and Swedish (Scandinavian)
      Expertise – organization

Mari Lynn Garbowica
      Surnames - Jennaro/Gennaro, Zabel
      Ethnicities - Sicilian, Italian, German
      Expertise - "I'm a newbie!"

Robert Bailey
      Bailey, Picken, Breckenridge, Overstreet
      Ethnicity – Scottish
      Expertise - Census, Newspapers, Ancestry

Nancy Bailey
      Surnames - Mallory, Gamble, Gregg, Kies, Fowle, Redway, Suutari, Leskinen
      Ethnicities - Scottish, English, Irish, Finnish
      Expertise - A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Noreen Rossa
      Surnames – Dobberstein, Schleicher, Lobeck, Block, Schwartz, Von Sprenger, Handschke, Konsack,
      Brehmer, Peters, Rossa, Poznanski, Ochota, Polazkowana, Wtosrysiska, Sczcepanski, Letkiewicz, Kibitlinska, Swietlik, Tadysiak
      Ethnicities - German - Pommerania, Prussia, Dresden, Poland
      Expertise - Germany & Prussia

Nancy Brewster
      Surnames – Brandt/ Hardinger, Zinthefer/Seidl, Huetter/Popp, Sievert/Ahlmann, Brewster/Nelson,
      Carpenter/Bennett, Cunningham/Newall, Vernam/Roberts, Bennett/Babcock
      Ethnicities - Germanic Europe, Sweden, England, Ireland/Scotland, Norway/Denmark
      Expertise – Library research

Irene Farkas
      Surnames – Olkowski (John and Agness; John and Konstantia), Zembinski (Anna and John), Terek (Ivan (Jon) and Karolina),
      Farkas (Anton and Catherine), Anton Wizenberger (adopted in Milwaukee?), Edward Philipkowski (adopted in Oneida County),
      Irene Osuchowski (b.1914 in Milwaukee)
      Ethnicities – Poland, Hungary
      Expertise –

Carolyn Eaglesham
      Surnames – Anderson, Holme from Langaryd,, Sweden,  Ljungby, Sweden, Bloomquist from Nottrja, Sweden,
      Svensson from Morrum ,Sweden, Eaglesham from Ayr, Scotland, Walitzek from Turinga,
      Germany, Mortimer from Chilton, Wi and Barber from Chilton, WI.
      Ethnicities—Sweden, Scotland, Germany
      Expertise –


List updated 29 March 2021)



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