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 #   Description   Tree Name   Starting Individual   Individuals   Families 
1 Descendants of David taylor and elizabeth Damon We Are Three Lakes Taylor, David M 23 7 
2 Descendants of Frank Tomchek and Anna Kalowski We Are Three Lakes Tomchek, Frank 11 5 
3 Descendants of Johan Szczepaniak and Petronella Rybarczyk We Are Three Lakes SZCZEPANIAK, JOHANN 116 31 
4 Descendants of John Budney and Magdalena We Are Three Lakes Budney, John 33 11 
5 Descendants Of John James Walkowski We Are Three Lakes Walkowski, John James 41 10 
6 Descendants of John Olkowski We Are Three Lakes Olkowski, John 64 20 
7 Descendants of John Pierre Aman We Are Three Lakes AMAN, JOHN PIERRE 80 28 
8 Descendants of Matthias Pitlik and Victoria Tomalla We Are Three Lakes Pitlik, Matthias 63 19 
9 Descendents of Eduard Hintze We Are Three Lakes HINTZE, EDUARD 107 44 
10 Descendents of Franciszek RydZewski and Rozalia Macianis We Are Three Lakes Rydzewski, Franciszek Edward 27 6 
11 Descendents of Frederick Hunter We Are Three Lakes Hunter, Frederick 36 11 
12 Descendents of Gustav Kloes We Are Three Lakes Kloes, Gustaf 42 9 
13 Descendents of James Locy We Are Three Lakes Locy, James Harvey 22 8 
14 Descendents of Jeremian Louk We Are Three Lakes Louk, Jeremiah 66 24 
15 Descendents of Joseph Godlevski and Josephine Pawlikowski We Are Three Lakes Godlevski, Joseph 52 13 
16 Descendents of Jules Johnson from Norway We Are Three Lakes Johnson, Jules L 71 21 
17 Descendents of Lawrence Novak and Hedwiga Radziejewska We Are Three Lakes Novak, Lawrence 89 27 
18 Descendents of Michael Ziembinski We Are Three Lakes Ziembinski, Michael 13 3 
19 Descendents of Stanislaw Dziewiatkowski/Javenkoski We Are Three Lakes Dziewiatkowski, Stanislaw 28 9 
20 Descendents of Steve and Agnes Kazcmarek We Are Three Lakes KAZCMAREK, Staneslaw 25 9 
21 Descendents of the Frauerfelder lines We Are Three Lakes Frauenfelder, Lucille H 35 15 
22 Descendents of Wilhelm Bonack and Emelie We Are Three Lakes Bonack, Wilhelm Fredrich 46 13 
23 Descendents of Wojciech Kurlinski and Agnes Oblinska We Are Three Lakes Kurlinski, Wojciech 31 4 
24 Tomaszenskis from Poland We Are Three Lakes Tomaszenski 30 14 

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